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Example Page For Affiliates Who Would Like To Include A Shop Page On Their Own Website

Affiliates who have their own website have the option to take advantage of the Novis Pets affiliate program by displaying Novis Pets items of their choice on their own website. More in particular, Novis Pets offers the possibility to affiliates who own their own website to include shopping modules for any Novis Pets items on the affiliate's website, with a fully functional mini-cart feature and built-in check out mechanism. In other words, an affiliate can choose to have his/her own shop page on his/her website. This allows any affiliate website owner to provide a seamless shopping experience to his/her website visitors, meaning the shopping experience and check out process all happen on their own website (i.e. in that case visitors are NOT redirected to the website, but stay on the affiliate's website).

The commissions for the affiliate taking advantage of this opportunity remains the same at 10% of the total order value (excluding shipping and taxes) per sale.

This option can be set up in merely a couple of minutes! All that is required for this to work is that the affiliate website owner copies & pastes a single string of custom HTML code, provided by Novis Pets, on the relevant page of his/her website. This single string of HTML code will automatically populate the selected page with the relevant items, accompanied with a fully functional mini-cart feature and a pop-up check out mechanism.

In this regard, we want to stress the fact that when an affiliate takes advantage of this opportunity, Novis Pets still takes care of everything: this means (1) processing orders and capturing the payments of orders, (2) fulfilling and shipping the orders, (3) provide customer support and any required follow up with the customer. In other words, no additional work is required on the part of the affiliate, other than including a single string of HTML code provided by Novis Pets on a page of his/her website necessary for generating the shopping modules.

These shopping modules can be included on most third party websites, including (but not limited to) websites built on top of Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix and many others.

By way of example, we have included below shopping modules which are automatically generated by the above mentioned single string of HTML code (comment: the items shown below are selected by way of example, meaning the affiliate is free to display any (other) items of his/her choice from the Novis Pets website). If you're contemplating on giving this option a try, the below shopping modules will give you a good idea of what such shopping modules would look like and how the mini-cart feature would work on your own website. The color of the buttons can of course be modified to match exactly the color scheme of your website.

It has never been more easy to have your own fully functional shop on your own domain, without having to lift a finger! If you have any questions about this opportunity, do not hesitate to contact us at